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Alaska Communications

		ACS Web Virtual Hosting

1. Quick Reference

1.1 Servers

	FTP Server:	ftp.alaskasbest.net
	POP Server:	pop.alaskasbest.net
	SMTP Server:	smtp.alaskasbest.net
	DNS Server:	ns1.acsalaska.net

1.2 URL's

	Website URL:	http://www.alaskasbest.net/
	Web Stats URL:	http://www.alaskasbest.net/stats/
	CGI URL:	http://www.alaskasbest.net/cgi-bin/
	ACS CGI's URL:	http://www.alaskasbest.net/global-bin/
	README URL:	http://www.alaskasbest.net/README

1.3 Directory Contents

	README		This file
	cgi-bin		Directory for custom CGI's that can be accessed at
			the CGI URL.
	cgi-data	Directory for storing CGI data.
	htdocs		Directory for HTML, SSI, and CSS files that are visible
			at the Website URL.
	logs		Directory for server generated log files.
	stats		Directory for server generated web stats.  These web
			stats are visible at the Web Stats URL.

1.4 File Extensions

	.cgi		Common Gateway Interface (CGI) file
	.html		Simple HTML file
	.htm		Simple HTML file
	.php		PHP file
	.php3		PHP file
	.phps		PHP source file
	.shtml		Server Side Include/Server Parsed file
	.txt		plain text file

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